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Photo by @okuprin
Each Christmas, Russian photographer and cookbook author Olesya Kuprina (@okuprin) decks the halls — and her two cats, Gustav and August, in Christmas scenes with outfits and ornaments. “I started taking photos of the cats when Gustav was small,” she says. “He likes posing and knows he’ll get a treat for it, so he always waits patiently. When he was a year old, we got a Christmas tree and he really liked it. He could hide underneath it, chew it and there were lots of interesting decorations. It became his favorite part of the house.” Gustav takes after Olesya in that way. “Christmas is my favorite holiday,” she says. “I really like anticipating and preparing for it, getting a tree and putting presents under it. I love it when it’s snowing outside and we’re making hot chocolate and sitting around in funny Christmas sweaters. Now I can’t imagine the holiday without my family — me, my boyfriend and the two cats.” Celebrate Christmas with Olesya, Gustav and August right now on our story. 🎄

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